Since 2017, Beauty After Bruises has moved from a traditional board, comprised of a president, vice president, and so on, to a collaborative board. This means that no one person is the sole executor of decisions for BAB, nor the direction it is headed; we decide things together, collectively as a team. Made up of 5-9 individuals, we tap into the personal strengths of each board member while also rotating important responsibilities (i.e. chairing meetings, recording minutes, accessing the finances, etc.). The only exception to this is our Survivor Outreach liaison, who has access to the grant requests, applications and confidential communication with our survivors. In order to secure their ultimate anonymity, while ensuring their voices are heard, this position connects our survivors and the board safely.  

Beauty After Bruises' board is made up of a diverse group of individuals -- including financial advisors, small business owners, healthcare workers, and survivors themselves. This gives us the unique opportunity to consider things from all angles and supply the healthiest support to those we help, the community we engage, and the clinicians we educate. 


Your safety is as important to us as our own.

In order to protect that safety, we no longer keep our board members' names easily accessible, in one location, as it can pose harm to us all. We also want to remind you that the only communication you will ever receive from us will come from the following emails: beautyafterbruises, bab.grantrequests, beautyafterbruisesevents and bab.vendors, all at

Any interaction with survivors will only be initiated by you, and any correspondence on Facebook will happen through our official BAB account, at your request. If you ever receive communication outside of these locations, please contact us to verify the sender's authenticity before responding.