Collection of Giving

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL NOT BE COMPLETE UNTIL JUNE 1ST. Please visit our facebook event page to follow along and see which donations have arrived to date!

Please enjoy scrolling through our pictorial Collection of Giving.  Each package includes the items depicted and referenced
in the description beneath it.  You will find 3 documents at the bottom: 2 lists of the packages, and one "voting" form.
Once you've purchased your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket numbers & copies of the voting  document.
If you would like your votes to be spread evenly across all 25 options, no action needs to be taken.
If you prefer to win only certain packages, simply complete the voting form to specify how you'd like to arrange your votes,
and return it to us at -OR- complete the response field at the very bottom of the page.
THANK YOU to our all of our generous donors! And THANK YOU to our raffle participants!
Winners will be posted on our Facebook Event Page.  We hope you'll follow along!

Hang Tight.png

Package #1

Hang Tight.png

Package #4

5.Happie Soul Relaxation. $40 Redds. $25 Your Place.jpg

Package #7

8. TaylorMade Massage. $40 Noonans. $20 Nikos Pizza. Lunch for 2 at Lis Buffet.jpg

Package #10

11. Artemis 10 Sessions. $40 Outback York. UltraVisions Erika Depew Cut & Style.jpg

PackagE #13

14. $100 LMP Photography. $50 Bonefish Grill. AKS Salon wash & style.jpg

Package #16

Hang Tight.png

Package #19

Hang Tight.png

Package #22

23. $50 Fringe, $50 Stocks on 2nd. $25 Dodge City. $50 Pet Bath & Beyond.jpg

Package #25

Hang Tight.png

Package #2

3. Elements Mech 2 massages. Applebees Hburg $25. Chilis Mech $10.jpg

Package #5

Hang Tight.png

Package #8

9. UltraVisions Jennifer Englander ManiPedi. $50 Longhorn York. Restorative Yoga for 2 Artemis.jpg

Package #11

12. Sass S&DS Haircut&Style and Salt Therapy. $40 Carrabbas Mech. $20 Nikos Pizza.jpg

Package #14

Hang Tight.png

Package #17

18. Renew Massage Therapy. $40 OG Mech. $20 Aroogas Mech.jpg

Package #20

21. Red Head Yoga. $30 Red Lobster Hbg. $25 Transcend. $10 Chilis Carlisle.jpg

Package #23



Hang Tight.png

Package #3

4. Dissolve. LaCucina Dfor5. $40 Texas RdHs.jpg

Package #6

Hang Tight.png


Hang Tight.png

Package #12

13. Deborahs Massage hot stone. $30 Pizza Grille $30 Quaker Steak & Lubs YORK.jpg

Package #15

Hang Tight.png

Package #18

Hang Tight.png

Package #21

22. Happie Soul Reiki & Relax. $25 Issei Noodle. $10 Chilis Carlisle.jpg

Package #24





After you purchase your ticket(s), use
this form to move your votes. If you prefer one vote for EACH of the 25 packages,
no action is needed.

We have a simple spreadsheet to
make finding the packages you like easier!
They're ordered here just as listed above.
This is page one.

Here is page two of our spreadsheet
to help you find the packages for which you want to vote. They're listed just as pictured above.



This section is to be used only if you are unable to complete, scan and return the voting document above,
-OR- you only have a couple of voting adjustments you'd like to make and find this more convenient.

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